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Aria Pro II LS-450, Black Pearl Bass, Aria Pro II LS-450, Ibanez DT 150

African Satinwood Black Pearl Acoustic (back), Black Pearl, Gibson Paul Gilbert Signature, Black pearl Custom Bass

SX Pirate & BP Bass, African Satinwood Black Pearl Acoustic, Aria Pro II Straycat 1984, Black Pearl Bass

Klira Classical, Gibson SG Jr. w/ T.Iommi Pickup 1991, Fender Midnight Wine Telecaster 1997, Lot



Klira Ohio 1966 Blues Jam

Lift the Decade Bass Player

Surf Green 62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster



Now Available: Custom Made Alnico II, V Magnet Humbuckers in Nickel or Chrome $85.00, or in Gold $95.00. With your choice of (Ohms) Output Level.

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